The Vieux Montmartre Historical and Archaeological Society,
founded in 1886,
was recognized as a public interest organization in 1967.

Since 1969, its collections have been on display in
the Museum of Montmartre, 12-14 rue Cortot,
which was named a “Museum of France” in 2003.

Over the years, the Society has amassed a collection of more than 6000 works of art, thanks mainly to donations and bequests: paintings, sculptures, art objects, prints and photographs illustrating Montmartre’s history or made by Montmartre artists.

The Society also holds a remarkable collection of approximately 100,000 documents, including an outstanding section dedicated to the French chanson (song). These assets serve as a documentary foundation whose importance to the history of Montmartre is recognized by researchers worldwide.

The “Le Vieux Montmartre” annual bulletin contains diverse articles on the history of Montmartre written by experts and historians.

The Cultural Center offers numerous activities to its members and to the public: conferences, exhibits, performances and cultural visits.

Since July 1st 2011, the St. Jean-St. Vincent Society, headed by Mr. Kleber Rossillon, has managed the Museum of Montmartre, previously the responsibility of the Vieux Montmartre Society. The partnership agreements ensure continued growth of our Society. Thus, our collections remain on display in the Museum, a legendary and charming environment which appeal has been further enhanced by a remodeling and renovation campaign. The Society also thrives in its mission to actively participate in the Museum’s outreach by getting involved in Montmartre’s cultural life.

Besides maintaining a strong presence on site, the Society’s further objectives are to :

-Make documentation more accessible to researchers using digital technology.

-Strengthen its role in the intellectual community by significantly increasing the frequency of its publications.

-Actively seek new patrons and sponsors to support temporary exhibitions, finance the acquisition of artwork and other specific needs.

Composed of inhabitants and lovers of Montmartre,
our Society perpetuates the spirit of our Butte, marked by an “art of living” fed by humour, conviviality and artistic sensibility.




Jean-Manuel Gabert

Alain Larcher
Michèle Trante

Eric Sureau

Assistant treasurer
Claude Lequitte

Catherine Rousseau

Honorary presidents
Daniel Rolland
Jean-Marc Tarrit

Board members

Christine Amblard
Chantal Bodère
Olivier Boileau-Descamps
Dominique Boutel
Alain Chevillard
Jean-Manuel Gabert
Alain Larcher
Claude Lequitte
Yves Mathieu
Gilles Mermet
Bertrand Monchecourt
Janine Mossuz-Lavau
Catherine Rousseau
Pascal Salinas
Catherine Salmochi
Eric Sureau
Xavier Thoumieux
Michèle Trante


Isabelle DUCATEZ
Executive director

Executive assistant


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